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My name is Michael Brown and I'm a hypnotherapist based in Greystones.

Hypnotherapy enables anyone to change their perspective and regain control over the way they feel, over the way they act and over the way they behave.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience every day. Daydreaming is a light state of hypnosis that we all experience daily. Have you ever noticed how focused someone is when they watch a sporting event, read a great thriller, listen to an amazing speaker – they get so caught up in what they are watching. 

In hypnosis you are mindful of your surroundings and what is going on. While in hypnosis, an individual is capable of logic and reasoning, which is very different from a sleep state.

Hypnosis works in a simple and effective way. The old subconscious beliefs and habits are changed and replaced to allow for deep and permanent change in the way you experience yourself in the world.

AbouT ME

Michael Brown Adv. Dip. Hyp.(ICHI) MIHA

Where: The Healing Rooms, Greystones, Co Wicklow.
Treatments: Weight Loss, Phobias, Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Confidence, Anger Management, Sports Performance, Depression, Forgiveness Therapy, Gastric Band Hypnotherapy,Insomnia and more..
Working days: Evenings and Weekends


I commenced training with Irish Hypnosis in 2013 to become a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, after having an interest in the power of the mind and hypnosis for many years.

My results with clients have confirmed my initial enthusiasm for the subject and demonstrated the benefits of a one to one session tailored to each individual client.

I believe in the power of hypnotherapy to find permanent solutions to various issues raised by clients. I’m passionate about helping people achieve the changes in their life that they desire and to unleash their potential.

I’m dedicated to using the best of my ability and expertise to facilitate such changes that are mutually agreed to be in the client’s best interest and in no way harmful to them.

I believe in only working with clients when hypnotherapy is a great solution for their situation and would always inform clients immediately if, in my judgement, they would be better served by another professional or an alternative or complimentary means of reaching their goals.


There are so many applications of hypnosis. The following are some of the main areas we deal with but this list is by no means exhaustive:


Quit Smoking , Weight Loss, Phobias & Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger Management, Confidence, Motivation, Self Esteem, Sports / Work Performance

*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required and Individual *Results may vary from person to person and Each person is taken on individual merit*

A more detailed description of how hypnosis works for the most common areas can be found below

Watch this short video for an explanation of how hypnosis works: Hypnosis Explained

Quit Smoking

Many people have tried giving up smoking using patches, gum, pills, inhalers or willpower without success.

Hypnosis combined with your desire to quit is proven to be the easiest, fastest and most effective way to successfully free yourself from the habit and addiction of smoking. These techniques have helped thousands of people just like you to become happy and permanent non-smokers. Doctors are so impressed with the medical benefits that they are now referring more and more of their patients. These patients are able to stop smoking easily, without gaining weight, while enhancing their general health and energy levels.

Why is hypnosis so effective in helping people to give up smoking?

The emotions and feelings that people have towards cigarettes are far stronger than the physical addiction to nicotine! Cravings, nervousness and a feeling of things just not being right are caused by the subconscious mind. Hypnosis has direct access to the subconscious mind and can change these feelings. Once these feelings are changed, quitting smoking becomes unbelievably easy, in fact for most people it is a pleasure to quit smoking. Back to services

Do you eat too much, eat the wrong foods or need to exercise more?
If your answer to the above is YES then this programme may be suitable for you.


What is the difference between dieting and hypnosis?

Most diets do actually work but only while you stick to that diet. However, it takes willpower. As soon as the willpower weakens people give up on their diet. Unfortunately, once a person starts to diet their body automatically lowers their metabolism. The longer that person stays on the diet the lower their metabolism will get. After the diet, even when a person starts to eat normal amounts of food, they gain weight. This continues until they are heavier than they were before they started the diet! Instead of losing weight they end up heavier than before!

Hypnosis on the other hand gently changes your mind in the way that you want to help you achieve your goals. Time looks after the rest.

What is the difference between a person who is 7 stone overweight and hates exercise and a slim person who eats well and loves exercise? Simply your mind and time!

Imagine if the overweight person had their thoughts changed so they ate well and loved to exercise. In one year or so they will be slim. Back to services

A phobia is when someone loses complete control when exposed to a particular trigger. The trigger may be anything at all e.g. spiders, confined spaces, open spaces. General anxiety is the feeling of being on edge most of the time. You may feel anxious or worried but don’t necessarily have any reason for this.

There is a subconscious response and the person has very little control over it. They can only use willpower to temporarily suppress it.

If you suffer from inappropriate fears, phobias or general anxiety it can have a huge effect on your life. Don't suffer in silence, hypnotherapy is a powerful method of changing the subconsious response and improving the quality of your life.

The method is the same no matter what the fear or phobia. We find the initial and subsequent triggering events, clean up all negative associations and change the future response. This is the most effective method for bringing about lasting and permanent change. Back to services


How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions required will generally vary from case to case.


Quit Smoking is one session. Weight Loss will depend on the client's needs and the most suitable program for the client. Typically weight loss would be between 3-6 sessions. Phobias and Anxiety would be 2-3 sessions.


For other treatments such as general confidence, public speaking, sports motivation, back to work, exams the number of sessions will depend on the circumstances and will be decided between the client and therapist.


What are the costs?


The general cost of hypnotherapy is €100 for a standard 1 hour session.


Some treatments require more time for initial sessions and the price will vary depending on the program.


Quit Smoking is a standard fee: €220 - one session - 2 hours.


Weight Loss program 3-6 sessions €400 - €600. Total time 4-7 hours. Note that initial sessions are longer than an hour.


Phobias are typically 2 sessions for €250.


Do I get my money back if it does not work?
No, you are paying for the therapist's time. The therapist provides you with the tools to help you with whatever you wish to overcome. You are responsible for making the change.

  • Please arrive at the exact time of your appointment. There is seating area outside the clinic door
  • If you cannot make an appointment please call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. 


*Disclaimer – Willpower may be required. Individual results may vary from person to person and each person is taken on individual merit.


The Healing Rooms, Greystones

087 6136687




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The Healing Rooms centre is located next door to Greystones DART Station.

It shares the building with Greystones Yoga Studio and it is very convenient for parking.

The Healing Rooms, Greystones

087 6136687


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